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Perfect Circle Recycling

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Perfect Circle Recycling (WOSB) provides a revolutionary alternative to traditional waste management and helps businesses divert waste from landfills, focus on sustainability, and create the perfect circle from waste - allowing it to be converted into useable forms, such as renewable energy, compost, and fertilizer.

Our mission is to enhance Michigan's capabilities of recycling all packaged food and beverage waste products. We strive to promote sustainability within our community for the betterment of our environment.

Our turbo separator provides a unique ability to separate food from its packaging or from non-organic materials. This allows us to better serve our customers by diverting all food waste material from landfills into other resources, creating the perfect circle. 

Founded by Todd Wilson, Perfect Circle Recycling helps grocers, packaged food processors, universities, and more reach their goal of zero waste and reduce their impact on the environment.

We work with businesses throughout Kent County and look forward to assisting you with your sustainability initiative!

Our Process


Review of your operation


Determination of your needs


Provision of totes, dumpsters, etc.


On-going waste collection

Our System

Our T-20 Turbo Separator is designed to apply mechanical energy to dissimilar materials in order to break covalent bonds. The result? We are able to process various types of packaging and pre- and post-consumer items consistently. The Turbo Separator is just that - a separator, not a shredder, hammer mill, or squeeze press. This allows us to provide our customers with cleaner packaging which provides more resources for additional uses.                                                                                                        For more information on the machinery, click here.

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