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Transforming today's waste into tomorrow's resources

Revolutionizing Food Waste Recycling

Our mission is to enhance Michigan's capabilities of recycling all packaged food and beverage waste products. We strive to promote sustainability within our community for the betterment of our environment.

We provide food destruction solutions that result in environmental and economic benefits to you and our community. We're able to process a variety of materials and products while creating a sustainable, circular system producing renewable energy, animal nutrition, biofuel, and fertilizer - all from common food waste.

We're honored to have been recently featured in MiBiz! Click here to see the article.

Now we’re talking! Diverted 40 tons of oats and 5000 lbs of cardboard, paperboard and plastic. No greater feeling than to have the ability to recycle it all! Click here to see the oats in action at Dominion Sanctuary!

Learn more about our community connections and how we support company's missions and improve their sustainability.

How We Help

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Landfill Diversion Assistance

Recent reports indicate that "food waste makes up at least       

30-40% of all the municipal solid waste currently being disposed of in Michigan landfills." We can all do our part to change this and help our communities!


We provide a sustainable manner of disposing of food-related consumer products allowing the remaining materials to undergo anaerobic digestion and create compressed natural gas (CNG), biofuel, and more.

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Animal Nutrition

Our food product disposal method allows us to create various useable by-products including animal feed which aids local farmers.

Free Waste Disposal Evaluation

Use our years of expertise to guide you through the inception, creation, and execution of a plan to reach zero waste.


Who We Serve

Food Processors


Schools & Universities

Hear From Our Partners

"Food waste diversion has become a critical component to any waste reduction program. Being able to partner with PCR to offer composting options allows our clients to have a more robust waste reduction program, increasing their net positive environmental impact."

Jessica Loding, CMP
Schupan & Sons, Inc.

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